Exotic or African trophies should only be trusted to a Taxidermist accomplished in exotics. Mounting exotics is a very challenging job. Often skins are heavily damaged from mishandling overseas. Hair is generally very short and difficult to hide repairs or imperfections. There are very few commercially available manikins requiring extensive form alterations and knowledge of anatomy. With years of experience as well as good reference material we can properly re-create your trophy. Materials used are the best available.  

Nature’s Image Taxidermy can provide assistance with the import and shipping of your trophies. We work with an experienced broker that can handle all of the paperwork and shipping documentation as well as save on shipping costs. Its always a good idea to speak with your Taxidermist ahead of your hunt, as there are a lot of variables with exotics regarding importation and shipping. 

Please call 608-455-3108 to discuss an estimate.